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I wish there was a shot for seasonal colds.

I’ve had a cold the past week, so that is the reason for no posting.  It is hard for me to put a sentence together when I’m not feeling well, let alone an entire post.  This morning at school drop off a friend of mine was standing not 20 feet from me waving frantically as I looked right at her.  It took me a good 2 minutes to notice she was standing there, let alone waving at me.  Bad form.  Anyway, not a whole lot to talk about because I have been mostly housebound.

I did manage to cut out my pattern pieces for this:

I am making the mini dress and I intend to wear it as a long top over pants (even though the ladies at go fug yourself really hate that look.)  The problem (already) is that I keep reading that the pattern runs really small.  This is no good, as I cut out the largest size on the pattern that I bought.  We’ll see.

I also started on a hat for DQ for the winter.  I’m knitting the Felicity hat, pictured here.  I’m knitting it in an alpaca/wool blend in purple.  Hopefully that one will fit.

Pip is planning to hack down some tree branches this weekend.  That should make for an amusing post.  Until then…


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We interrupt this vacation to bring you…

Finished Projects! 🙂

I have 2 friends that are due to have babies soon and they received these gifts from me.  The baby bootee pattern is the same one I used for these.  The pink ones have the ruffle around the cuff that is in the original pattern.  The burp-cloths are more of the same burp-cloths that there are a hundred tutorials for.  I used this one.  The pink fabric on the burp-cloths is Amy Butler fabric and the cowboy fabric I found at Hobby Lobby.  Oh, and the yard I used for the blue booties was Paton’s Grace.  The yarn for the pink was DMC Senseo.

Back to vacation posting next. 🙂

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What I’ve Been Doing this Summer

I know I’ve been absent, and I’m not really sure anyone even reads this blog anymore but here’s a recap of the last 3 weeks or so.

The day after school got out I drove the kids to my parents’ house where they stayed for the week.  We have a pretty great drive to get to Gramma and Gramps’ house.  It is truly “over the river and through the woods”.  It was beautiful.

I stayed a couple of days and got to see my sister Donna’s book signing.  A children’s book that she illustrated was just published.  Her first!  Here’s the link to the site to buy “The Extraordinary Hat”.

While the kids were at their Grandparents’ being spoiled with activities such as “let’s pretend we’re camping in the front yard”,

I was at home Spring Cleaning (a little late) and tending to some unfinished projects:

That is the shirt Katja for a little miss Gloria.

I finally painted TM’s room.  I’ve had the paint since we moved in but no large block of time that was kid free to get it done.  He likes maps and cars, if that isn’t obvious. 🙂  I still need to replace the pink curtain with a more boyish one and when I do I’ll give you all a photo tour of the room since there’s lots of stuff that I made and haven’t shared here yet.

Since the kids have been home there has been swimming lessons (needs a whole post of it’s own) and Library and tending to the garden.  Today we made a little house for the fairies that choose to make our garden their home. 🙂

We are thoroughly enjoying our backyard and will be headed off for our annual road trip soon.  Stay tuned next month for that one!


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Projects finished

Wow!  Compared with recent history, this blog is a flurry of activity! 🙂

Wanted to show some finished projects.  Yay for finishing!

First: The path- Here is the old crumbling concrete path that Pip took out with his own mighty strength and a sledgehammer.

Here is the new finished path.:)  Pip got some help from my brother in law to make it level, because Tom is the leveling king.  Obviously I did not take the time to go out and sweep the fallen tree seeds and move the wheelbarrow and hose to get a better shot.  You’ll forgive me.  This weekend there will be tilling and leveling in preparation for sod next weekend.  There will be more before and after shots.  Stay tuned.

Next up: More baby booties.  These are for the teacher that I work with.  Well, not her.  She is going on maternity leave in a couple of weeks to have her first baby.  A boy if it wasn’t obvious.  I really like this pattern.  It’s from Quick Baby Knits except I took out the ruffled edge because they are for a boy.  I used Paton’s Grace yarn in some shade of blue that I’m too lazy to go find the exact name for.

 Have a good weekend everyone!



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Kitchen Valance

I finished this kitchen window valance a couple of weeks ago, and have been waiting to block it before putting it up, but who am I kidding. . . I’m never going to block it, so I used a few cup hooks and hung it up.  I think I’ll make a shade in muslin to put behind it, if for no other reason than to keep out the cold.

I used the “South Seas Table Runner” pattern from Knit Two Together, except I modified it to fit my window.

I used two balls of Jaeger Aqua in (I think they call it) Midnight.  It’s Navy blue.

I also have big news, but I need a good chunk of time to write about it, so maybe later.

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Tulip toes

I was waiting for the recipient to get these in the mail before I posted a picture and she did (before the baby was born!  Woo!).  So here are Tulip toes, booties for the new baby girl in the family.At least I HOPE they were right about girl, because these would really not work on a boy. 🙂

They were knit with DMC Senso Cotton/Microfiber on size 2 double point needles.  You can find the pattern here.

Sidenote*  I’m well aware that I never posted Day 4, but that’s probably because I waited too long to post about our vacation tales, and now I want to move on.  You can see pics of the wedding on my flickr account

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Now we can paint!


Well, here it is.  The reason I haven’t posted anew for awhile is…we bought a house!  A real live house!  I don’t really know if it has sunk in completely.  I don’t think it will until we close and the keys are in my hand.  Right now it’s all about the preparation for moving.  I have completely deluded myself into thinking I have kept up with sorting through stuff every year and taking it to Goodwill.  We have already taken two loads of stuff and there are a GOOD three loads left to take.  I am ashamed.  I would go into the garage and take a picture of the pile, but we haven’t even gone through the stuff in the basement yet.  I’ll wait until the final mountain of stuff is ready to load and then I will embarrass myself with a picture for you all.  And don’t even get me started on the trash…the trash guy will be cursing us for months I’m afraid.

I am knitting right now, but 8 rows is really not all that exciting of a picture.  I’m thinking I might abandon that project anyway for this and maybe this for a soon to be arriving baby (in a certain southern state).  But all of it will be waiting a couple of weeks while I try to maintain the illusion that I have it all together. 


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