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Breaking my own rules

Sooner or later it had to come to this.  I had always told myself (and anyone who suggested otherwise) that I do not read book series.  I could handle one book, but the pressure (oh the pressure) to be in it for the long haul was too much.  So much for that.

A friend of mine was talking to me about Twilight and telling me how great it was and “here, just take the first book.  If you don’t like it, you don’t have to finish it”.  Right.  I blew through the whole series within 3 weeks and after that I convinced Pip to read it and he blew through it in even less time (and has re-read book 4, but you didn’t here it from me…well, actually you did…unless SOMEBODY HACKED MY BLOG!  We’ll go with that.)  I loved it and have decided that if series are that good then what have I been missing all these years!  I had read the first Mitford book years ago (loved it) and never when beyond the first book, so I got the second recently (because I’m breaking my rule).  It’s ok.  And now I feel like I have to finish it because I’m breaking my rule and I’m going to finish it dang it!  It’s not that I don’t like the second book.  It’s just not grabbing me and I’m back to feeling like I have to finish it because I broke my rule.  Dumb.  I think I should just do away with rules and read what I want.

For the record, I loved The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and raced through the books, but I could not for the life of me get into The Hobbit.  Go figure.  I am an anomaly.


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It must be close to Spring

I just took this picture of the sprinkler going in the yard next door.  Unfortunately you can’t see it very well.  Unfortunaltely what you can see well is the two slats missing from our porch swing.  Note to self:  Fix that. 🙂  Our neighbor has an obsession.  He’s obsessed with watering lawns.  I’m rather certain that most of the water waste in the Denver metro area is due to this man’s crazy obsession with watering.  It has been in the 70’s this week and to be honest even we have taken the hoses out of hibernation and watered the backyard a couple times.  Our neighbor however has been watering the “yards” (he and his son live next to each other) since 7:45 a.m.  It is now 1:32 p.m. amd it doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon.  Last summer his frenetic watering was almost comical (you know, if you don’t think about the global effects of such overindulgence) as he would water only during the hours they tell you NOT to water.  And not just some of those hours (10-6.)  ALL of them.  EVERY day.  And mowing 4 times a week.  Wow.

Anyway, enough about him…The kids and I are going to start seeds in the house this year to see if we actually get some tomatoes to ripen and grow before it freezes.  We also plan to start some perennials for the new front yard re do and for a flower bed in the back.  And speaking of kids, DQ now has bangs.  She loves them and I think it’s the most exciting thing that happened to her this year.  I know this will change though as she has a birthday coming up and she’s getting a certain something she’s been wanting for a very long time.  Here’s a picture.  I think we may be more excited than she is. 🙂  Enough rambling.  Time to do some cleaning.

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Let this be a lesson to you

If a child in your life should ever choose Inspector Gadget as their Halloween costume GO WITH IT!  I did not.  “Why don’t you choose something else?”, I said.  “It will be so hard to find a trenchcoat in a size 5.  Let’s try something else”.  He chose a skeleton and I thought EASY!  Lucky me!  All I have to do is cut our white felt and baste it onto a black t-shirt and sweatpants.  True, but this was before I realized we have ribs…a lot of them.  The cutting out of the felt has taken a lot more time than anticipated and I still have to sew them on.  I’ll be back after the costumes are finished.  Until then, true to form for me, I’m under a deadline.

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It’s Friday.  Not just any Friday mind you, but my last day at the job I have loathed for the past 8 months.  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I gave my notice at the beginning of the month that I would not be returning next year, and last week found out that my kids’ class picnics were during the time that I would be working the last 2 days of school next week.  I walked into the office and told them today would be my last day.  They complained because they can’t get any other poor saps to cover playground duty, but I told them I WAS going to my kids’ class picnics.  So there.  Nee ner nee ner nee ner.  I wonder if they’ll think I’m smiling too much today.  🙂

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Things I Hate about Public School #?

Sorry folks, but I had to post this one…

Yesterday, I had nothing to do at work/school so I went to TM’s classroom and caught them just as they were going out for recess.  Because I was bored out of my mind I figured I’d join them.  So we get outside and one of the little 4 year old girls has the enviable job of reciting the playground rules to the rest of the class.  There’s the usual “no throwing sand”, “no shoving”, “take turns on the slide” and then…”no playing transformers”, “no playing star wars”, and my favorite, “no bad guys”.  Wow.  Seriously people.  Let’s suck the fun out of everything.  No bad guys?  What do they play?  I’ll tell you what they played.  Nothing.  They all moped around because they weren’t allowed to play.  8 and 1/2 school days left until Summer!!  Yahoo!!

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Rants and cupcakes

Yesterday DQ had a birthday party to go to.  Actually, let me back up.  Two weeks ago TM had a birthday party.  At this party, for a 5th birthday incidentally, there was a bounce castle, caricature artist, face painter, puppet and magic show AND massages for the parents.  All in the backyard.  I am so not kidding.  DQ’s party was at a bowling alley, so not as extravagant but with her ENTIRE 1st grade class.  There were thirty kids.  I cannot compete with this.  Because my kids are young, I am just beginning to experience the birthday party madness.  When I was a kid (am I really so old to be telling “back in the day” stories?) a big birthday party was usually a pool/slumber party at whoever’s house, but I don’t think I ever went to one that the whole class was at.  No bounce houses or face painters or magic shows and they were so much fun.  DQ’s birthday party this year was the four of us going to the aquarium and out for dinner.  We’ve had parties for her before, but with no more than 5 friends.  Maybe it’s me, but these huge massive parties with huge massive budgets are begging for discontented kids.  How do you top that year after year?  Also, if you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know that I did not carry a great deal of love for our previous city of residence.  Well, DQ’s party was in said city.  I was not within city limits for more than 5 minutes before I was honked at, flipped off, nearly run over and yelled at.  It was like a big giant “welcome back” party for me.  I called Pip and told him how I had forgotten how much I deeply cared for and missed our previous city.  He laughed.  Makes you grateful for the present. 

I also made some cupcakes yesterday for our school’s bake sale.  I really love baking, so this was fun.  I made Gingerbread cupcakes with lemon royal icing.  The recipe is Nigella Lawson’s from “How to be a Domestic Goddess”.  Though the recipe contains all manner of evil, it is sooooo good.  For the test cake I made during the week, I used the icing recipe in the book, but for the cupcakes I used royal icing because it holds up better.  Seriously, if you are at all partial to gingerbread (or even if you’re not) you should try this cake. 

And, just so I can write it, THE SOD IS BEING INSTALLED AS I TYPE!!!!!!!!  Pictures soon. 🙂

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Playing Poker

That’s what Pip says I’m doing with my kids’ school and my employer.  I don’t think it should come as a major shock that we are finding a different school for the kids next year, due to the fact that their current school sucks.  That said, I got a “memo” in TM’s backpack yesterday saying that I needed to tell the office whether or not he will be attending Kindegarten at their school (it is not our neighborhood school, so we opted in and therefore need to fill out registration papers this early).  I don’t like lying.  I really do not.  But this situation makes it almost impossible not to.  If I had walked into work/school today and said, “Yeeeaaahhh, actually neither of my kids (nor I) are ever coming back to this hell hole after the end of this school year.” then I (and possibly my kids, sadly) would have been treated even worse (if that’s possible) until the end of school in the month of WAY TOO FAR AWAY FROM NOW.  So, I gave them a completed form saying he would be attending.  Pip says it’s not lying, and that I’m just keeping my options open.  I’m playing poker and instead of raising or folding I’m holding.  Holding = Waiting and I lack patience.  Ugh!

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