My name is Angie.  I am the 34 year old wife of Pip (Why that’s what I call him here)

Me and Pip (or Pip and I)

and mother to the cutest kids ever (because really, what mother isn’t going to say that about her kids) DQ and TM, meaning Drama Queen and Tummy Man.

DQ and TM

The name Spuncrack is because I’m slightly addicted to yarn and the knitting of it.  I have started sewing too but am still a beginner.  I don’t just write about what I make.  If you catch me on a good day I might just be writing about my life.    Thanks for visiting. 🙂  Come back soon.


One response to “About

  1. mishapatrix

    Angie—it’s me Michelle. I have enjoyed reading your blog. The kids look huge! When did this happen? I have a blog as well. It is mishapatrix.wordpress
    I’ve got pics of the usual nonsense there!
    Write soon.

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