Pip and I went out on a date this past weekend and our destination of choice, when we go out, is downtown.  We love walking through the city in the evening.  Love.  And we love Denver.


I do not love walking the length of the 16th street mall 20 times in shoes that are anything less than gym shoes.  When we were getting ready and I asked the obligatory “Which shoes should I wear?”, Pip told me to wear whichever ones were more comfortable.  When I answered that they were both comfortable he said to wear the gold ones.  I own lots of pairs of flats and pretty much all of them are comfortable (I do not have a silver pair though and became painfully aware of my need for silver flats).  Well, after nixing the pair he chose using the excuse of not having any color in my ensemble, because really…when the question, “Which one should I wear?” is answered, does anyone really wear the chosen shoes, shirt, pants, etc…?

Pip says this question is asked to narrow things down and not because I’m really interested in his opinion.  I know he has tried to fake me out by choosing the one he doesn’t like so that I will wear the one he does.  I’m onto you Pip.

Anyway, back to the date.  Walking around downtown hand in hand sounds very romantic and lovely and it is, if you aren’t running a race.  When Pip walks, he speed walks.  I can walk pretty fast and I have longer legs than Pip, but most of the time I’m panting trying to keep up.  At about…oh…mile 10, I told Pip that I was pretty sure that if we didn’t find a place to eat soon my toes were going to start bleeding.  So we walked some more.  Along the way we came across a small gathering of Hare Krishnas.  They were playing their little drums and such and chanting/singing.  Pip grabbed some street performer’s guitar (Pip plays guitar.  Have I mentioned that before?) and asked if they could sing “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison.  He told them he’d sing the bulk of the song and they could cover the Hare Krishna part, because clearly they had that down.  Meanwhile I sat down to nurse my bleeding feet and they threw flowers around my neck.  It was awesome.

Ok, so it didn’t happen exactly that way.  We did see Hare Krishnas though…

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