Survival of the fittest

It seems that Charlie has seen that Princess is injured and has taken this opportunity to warm up to us, lest she perish and we decide he’s out too.

The other night he jumped up into bed with Pip and I when we got in bed looking at us like “What?  I always do this.”  And he so does not.  Occasionally if we’ve been on a long trip he’ll sleep in our bed the first night we’re back, but that’s it.  The problem is that as soon as the lights go out he starts inching up closer to our heads.  It starts with “Hey there.  I’m just at your feet.  No need to kick me off” – then –  “What!  Shoulders look like feet!  I had no idea your face was close, but you know, now that I’m here how about we sleep.  I’m tired.  And I don’t have holes in my backside.”

Sidenote:  I said the word butt the other night while getting the kids ready for bed.  I don’t remember the context but it almost certainly had something to do with Princess.  DQ says to me, “Mom, why does everyone else say bottom but you say butt?”  (I know.  I’m such a potty mouth.)  I asked her if my using the word bottom would make her more comfortable.  She said yes.  So I use the word bottom around her.  And pretty much only her.  I’m rebellious like that.

Pip is a sucker


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