It must be close to Spring

I just took this picture of the sprinkler going in the yard next door.  Unfortunately you can’t see it very well.  Unfortunaltely what you can see well is the two slats missing from our porch swing.  Note to self:  Fix that. 🙂  Our neighbor has an obsession.  He’s obsessed with watering lawns.  I’m rather certain that most of the water waste in the Denver metro area is due to this man’s crazy obsession with watering.  It has been in the 70’s this week and to be honest even we have taken the hoses out of hibernation and watered the backyard a couple times.  Our neighbor however has been watering the “yards” (he and his son live next to each other) since 7:45 a.m.  It is now 1:32 p.m. amd it doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon.  Last summer his frenetic watering was almost comical (you know, if you don’t think about the global effects of such overindulgence) as he would water only during the hours they tell you NOT to water.  And not just some of those hours (10-6.)  ALL of them.  EVERY day.  And mowing 4 times a week.  Wow.

Anyway, enough about him…The kids and I are going to start seeds in the house this year to see if we actually get some tomatoes to ripen and grow before it freezes.  We also plan to start some perennials for the new front yard re do and for a flower bed in the back.  And speaking of kids, DQ now has bangs.  She loves them and I think it’s the most exciting thing that happened to her this year.  I know this will change though as she has a birthday coming up and she’s getting a certain something she’s been wanting for a very long time.  Here’s a picture.  I think we may be more excited than she is. 🙂  Enough rambling.  Time to do some cleaning.


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