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The Christmas Card picture

I thought I’d share with you all the attempt to get a photo of the kids for Christmas cards.  A better title for this post would be “Why can’t my kids be serious?” or “The many faces of DQ and TM”.



And the winner for Christmas card photo 2008 is…..



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Back to summer…

So I’m slightly pathetic in the follow through department.  It’s a flaw.  I’ll admit it.  Moving on…

On a particularly hot day we went to check out the Opry Mills Mall where the have a Gibson guitar factory.

Pip was in heaven and while he was dreaming, I took DQ around the rest of the mall.  We were walking towards the food court to find some lunch when all of a sudden an explosion of pink blew us over as we walked past one of the stores.  I willed DQ not to notice, but alas she did.  There was a store (Libby Lu) that was completely devoted to spreading the message of the Sharpay in High School Musical.  That message being, “I want more”.  I thought she was going to hyperventilate and because I’m a sucker we went inside and I got her a replica microphone of the one Sharpay uses in the movies.

After the mall we went across the street to the Grand Ole Opry.  Not being big country music fans we didn’t shell out the cash to go see a show, but we were able to walk around.  While walking around we noticed a small gathering of people and a film crew.  Knowing this may mean we get to see someone famous we went to take a look.  They were filming for the finale of the show Nashville Star and this guy looked like he might be someone so I took a picture.  Right after I snapped the picture another guy tried to take one and the “lady with the walkie talkie” told him no pictures were allowed.  HA!  I really felt like gloating and sticking out my tongue at her but I refrained.  The guy in the picture is Coffey.

On the same property is the Gaylord hotel which is huge and very beautiful.  Here are some pics from there:

Other than all the sightseeing we enjoyed a lot of leisurely time spent with these little cuties:

I mean really.  Isn’t the cuteness too much?  There was a lot of guitar playing and singing:

And fighting spiders:

We spent evenings chatting over margaritas, wine and cookies while spotting fireflies flitting through the yard.  We watched good movies and bad movies and spent time soaking up the southern sunshine at the YMCA pool.  Before we left Jen had to make sure we saw what she calls “The Redneck House”.  100_2868

It was truly a sight to behold and you really can’t get the full effect until you see it big.  Go ahead and click on the photo to see it full size.  Just…wow.  I’m not sure if that thing in the front is a homemade pool or what, but it certainly goes well with all the animal heads and confederate flag.

We were very sad to leave and spent the better part of the drive home just being morose.  After the experience with the hotel on the way to Nashville, we decided to drive 15 minutes off the freeway to stay in a Hyatt Place in Overland Park, Kansas on the way home.  It was absolutely wonderful and $30 cheaper than the dumpy one on the way there!  Seriously, if you ever have the choice to stay in a Hyatt Place you should.  They did not pay me to say that.  I wish they did, but that is just pure customer satisfaction right there people.

In Hays, Kansas we stopped at a McDonalds to get sundaes and parked in the parking lot to eat them.  When we rolled the windows down a fly flew in and then it began…TM started screaming like the fly was in his face making death threats and this alarmed DQ so much that she joined in the scream fest.  Pip and I just looked at each other in the front seat and laughed because really?  A fly?  After said fly left our car to go terrorize some other innocent citizen, they both stopped and DQ said to TM, “It’s ok TM, you don’t have to tell me that I’m welcome in your world.”  I take this to mean she will join him in his world if his world invovles anything having to do with dramatics and completely over the top reactions to mundane things.

Such a good time.  We loved it so much that we plan to go back next summer and bring more friends with us.  May you all be so lucky to have a Miller family in your lives.


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More Halloween before moving on and one for my mom

I realize we’re into November now but wanted to put these pictures up because my kids are freaky (a little too freaky for my taste, but whatever).

TM grew our pumpkin this year (we only got one) and we saved some of the seeds for next year.


And After:

And for my mother:  I cleaned out the fridge today.  I knew you would be proud. 🙂

Now we can have Thanksgiving without any discussion of the refrigerator.  Also, now the whole world knows the contents of my fridge.

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