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Happy Halloween

Yes, I finished the costumes.  Here they are.  This was last Saturday night.  We’ll call it the dress rehearsal for tonight. 🙂  DQ is the “Spider Princess” (her own creation).  I found this great spider web print red satin at JoAnn for her skirt and the crown was a lucky find at Target dollar spot bins.  TM is clearly the aforementioned skeleton.  May you all eat way too much candy for your own good. 🙂


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Let this be a lesson to you

If a child in your life should ever choose Inspector Gadget as their Halloween costume GO WITH IT!  I did not.  “Why don’t you choose something else?”, I said.  “It will be so hard to find a trenchcoat in a size 5.  Let’s try something else”.  He chose a skeleton and I thought EASY!  Lucky me!  All I have to do is cut our white felt and baste it onto a black t-shirt and sweatpants.  True, but this was before I realized we have ribs…a lot of them.  The cutting out of the felt has taken a lot more time than anticipated and I still have to sew them on.  I’ll be back after the costumes are finished.  Until then, true to form for me, I’m under a deadline.

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