More yard stuff

We leave for vacation soon and I wanted to get in this quick post to show off my Pip.  He designed and built this bench over our very ugly concrete retaining wall around our patio.  He has no previous woodworking experience.  I think he’s pretty great.  Eventually we will tile the whole patio to cover the “rustic” bare concrete look.  For now we’re so excited to see it all coming together the way we envisioned it.  Sorry about the dirty patio, but the sanding and staining aren’t done so I didn’t see the point in cleaning it twice.  I made the cushions for the bench and will probably put a tuft in the center with some buttons.  What do you think?  Yes to tufting or no?



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4 responses to “More yard stuff

  1. Oh my…yes I can see why you’re proud. That is cool. I say “tuft”. But I’m no expert on button issues.

  2. Kris

    looks like a great place to chill out…tuft, only because it’s cool to say also:) “hey, I have these tufted pillows and I tufted them myself” can “tufted” function both as an adjective and a verb? is it even a word?

  3. kellykorak

    Hey….just discovered your blog. Very nice. You are so crafty and creative and I love your yard and patio too!

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