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What I’ve Been Doing this Summer

I know I’ve been absent, and I’m not really sure anyone even reads this blog anymore but here’s a recap of the last 3 weeks or so.

The day after school got out I drove the kids to my parents’ house where they stayed for the week.  We have a pretty great drive to get to Gramma and Gramps’ house.  It is truly “over the river and through the woods”.  It was beautiful.

I stayed a couple of days and got to see my sister Donna’s book signing.  A children’s book that she illustrated was just published.  Her first!  Here’s the link to the site to buy “The Extraordinary Hat”.

While the kids were at their Grandparents’ being spoiled with activities such as “let’s pretend we’re camping in the front yard”,

I was at home Spring Cleaning (a little late) and tending to some unfinished projects:

That is the shirt Katja for a little miss Gloria.

I finally painted TM’s room.  I’ve had the paint since we moved in but no large block of time that was kid free to get it done.  He likes maps and cars, if that isn’t obvious. 🙂  I still need to replace the pink curtain with a more boyish one and when I do I’ll give you all a photo tour of the room since there’s lots of stuff that I made and haven’t shared here yet.

Since the kids have been home there has been swimming lessons (needs a whole post of it’s own) and Library and tending to the garden.  Today we made a little house for the fairies that choose to make our garden their home. 🙂

We are thoroughly enjoying our backyard and will be headed off for our annual road trip soon.  Stay tuned next month for that one!



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