Things I Hate about Public School #?

Sorry folks, but I had to post this one…

Yesterday, I had nothing to do at work/school so I went to TM’s classroom and caught them just as they were going out for recess.  Because I was bored out of my mind I figured I’d join them.  So we get outside and one of the little 4 year old girls has the enviable job of reciting the playground rules to the rest of the class.  There’s the usual “no throwing sand”, “no shoving”, “take turns on the slide” and then…”no playing transformers”, “no playing star wars”, and my favorite, “no bad guys”.  Wow.  Seriously people.  Let’s suck the fun out of everything.  No bad guys?  What do they play?  I’ll tell you what they played.  Nothing.  They all moped around because they weren’t allowed to play.  8 and 1/2 school days left until Summer!!  Yahoo!!

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One response to “Things I Hate about Public School #?

  1. WOW!! That is so sad. If you can’t have bad guys, then there is no reason to have good guys. What is life without super heroes, good vs. evil? What happened to kids learning through role playing and imagination? I am right there with you!! Grrr….

    Your backyard looks fantastic!!!!

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