Projects finished

Wow!  Compared with recent history, this blog is a flurry of activity! 🙂

Wanted to show some finished projects.  Yay for finishing!

First: The path- Here is the old crumbling concrete path that Pip took out with his own mighty strength and a sledgehammer.

Here is the new finished path.:)  Pip got some help from my brother in law to make it level, because Tom is the leveling king.  Obviously I did not take the time to go out and sweep the fallen tree seeds and move the wheelbarrow and hose to get a better shot.  You’ll forgive me.  This weekend there will be tilling and leveling in preparation for sod next weekend.  There will be more before and after shots.  Stay tuned.

Next up: More baby booties.  These are for the teacher that I work with.  Well, not her.  She is going on maternity leave in a couple of weeks to have her first baby.  A boy if it wasn’t obvious.  I really like this pattern.  It’s from Quick Baby Knits except I took out the ruffled edge because they are for a boy.  I used Paton’s Grace yarn in some shade of blue that I’m too lazy to go find the exact name for.

 Have a good weekend everyone!




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2 responses to “Projects finished

  1. Your new path looks great! We are planning a path from the drive way to the back patio. I will have hubby take a look at yours. The booties are too cute for words!!

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