I was going to get all negative and post another “Things I hate about Public Schools”, but I think I’ll try to go with positive instead.  See how good I am?

Things I’m loving this week:

My new car

We did this (awhile ago, but still) and it was really so fun.  We might just do it once a month or more.  Life slowed down, our attitudes changed, our voices were lowered.  We told stories and talked to neighbors.  It was great.

This shirt and several others on this site.  The cute cuteness is too much!  And TM would approve of this one because it is white.

This path because it’s very similar to the one going into my back yard to replace the crumbling 70 year old one that was there.  Well ok, probably not 70, as we found a Bubble Yum wrapper with a bar code on it under the cement.  I don’t think there were bar codes 70 years ago.  I’ll post pictures of the finished yard.

And lastly, Sunday starts a streak of days in the 70’s.  After today’s nasty snowstorm I am totally loving that!


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  1. jen

    You guys got a new car?!

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