I spy…trouble ahead

We are on Spring Break this week.  Because of that and the temperature being 70 degrees I took the kids and a friend of DQ (a boy) to the zoo.  In the backseat on the way home I heard this:

DQ: “Let’s play I Spy.”

Boy (we’ll call him B): “Ok.  I spy something blue.”

DQ and TM guessing various blue things for a while and exhausting everything they could think of.

B to DQ: “No.  I’ll just tell you.  Your eyes.”

Next round that B does the spying.

B: “I spy something Blonde.”

Oh Boy.



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3 responses to “I spy…trouble ahead

  1. How cute! I sense Mr. B may be a tad smitten. Not surprising, DQ is a real cutie! I see a big stick in PIP’s future!

  2. rachelsne

    Just flicking through wordpress blogs, and your this post, deffinatly made me smile, Kids are so cute

  3. jen

    Gorgeous like her mama!

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