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TM’s 2 cents

TM (while walking to the car): “Mommy, you look nice in white.”

Me: “Thanks buddy.”

TM: “Yeah, but you’re not wearing white.  You’re wearing black and black does not look nice on you.”

Me: “Um, well thank you for being honest.”


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I spy…trouble ahead

We are on Spring Break this week.  Because of that and the temperature being 70 degrees I took the kids and a friend of DQ (a boy) to the zoo.  In the backseat on the way home I heard this:

DQ: “Let’s play I Spy.”

Boy (we’ll call him B): “Ok.  I spy something blue.”

DQ and TM guessing various blue things for a while and exhausting everything they could think of.

B to DQ: “No.  I’ll just tell you.  Your eyes.”

Next round that B does the spying.

B: “I spy something Blonde.”

Oh Boy.


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Spring is here and after the long freezing winter it feels so good.

We have had a lot going on here the last month, and I simply have not had time to blog about it all.  Rather than backtrack I’m going to start afresh.  I made some Wee Bunnies for the kids’ baskets.  They are super easy and super cute, and the pattern is free, so there is no excuse.  Go make one! 

And for funsies, here is a picture of the little Easter cuties waiting for the go ahead to find their eggs.  TM is trying to give everyone an excellent view of his nasal cavities.  Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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