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Honey for the soul


“The first week at August’s was a consolation, a pure relief.  The world will give you that once in a while, a brief time-out; the boxing bell rings and you go to your corner, where somebody dabs mercy on your beat-up life.”

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

I was out of town this weekend at my sister’s house in the Phoenix area.  I grew up there.  Not in my sister’s house, but in Phoenix.  I read the above passage on the plane and just about made a crying fool out of myself at 30,000 feet.  That pretty much sums up how lovely those few days away were.  Not that my life is terrible, because it’s not.  It’s pretty great actually, but work has made me feel a little bit down lately and it was so so good to have a time-out.  Thanks Fergs.  I really needed the revelry and celebration and I really miss you.

So, now that that’s out there, Pip’s time without me was not so soothing.  I went to Phoenix for my nephew’s wedding, so changing my travel plans was not going to happen.  I say that because I left Pip with two kids in the middle of the dreaded Flu.  I knew he could handle it, and was not too terribly worried when I left.  I called him when I got to Phoenix to let him know I arrived without getting “LOST“, and he had his “I’m being calm so as not to let her know that anything is wrong here. No everything is just fine” voice on and DQ screaming in the background.  Naturally I asked what was wrong and he told me they had had a little accident.  They sat down to eat dinner and Pip got up to get something in the living room.  While he was up he heard an enormous CRASH come from the dining room.  The dining room that the kids were currently sitting in.  He walked in to see that the chandelier had fallen out of the ceiling onto the table and in so doing had shattered the cake plate I keep in the center of the table with candles on it.  Glass had shot everywhere and the kids were sitting there.  TM was in stunned silence and to be honest probably more concerned about his milk having glass in it than anything else.  DQ was sitting screaming in terror, because that’s what she does.  He found out, when she could speak again, that she was upset because my cake plate broke and I loved my cake plate, and how would I FEEL if my cake plate was broken and couldn’t be fixed.  Gotta love her.  It appeared the the little hook thing had unscrewed from the bolt in the ceiling, which I can only imagine would be from turning it while dusting it.  So let this be a lesson to you all: Don’t dust your chandeliers.  Here is a picture of said chandelier at Christmas-It’s wrought iron and heavy.

On Monday Pip called and again sounded completely normal.  I asked how things were going and he said they had an interesting night.  Uh Oh.  He was sleeping soundly when he heard piercing screaming from the kids’ room.  It was DQ and coming out of a sound sleep and hearing that, he bolted out of bed and ran to her room, where she was sitting in bed screaming because her ears hurt so bad.  He said he was listening to her when he started to feel really nauseous and she started getting quieter.  He said he remembers grabbing for the bed to steady himself, but the next thing he knew he was waking up on the floor next to DQ’s bed.  He wondered why he was sleeping on the floor in their room and just figured he had done that because they weren’t feeling well.  He looked up and saw DQ looking at him over the side of the bed, still crying, and probably thinking, HELLO!  I’m in pain here!  Why are you sleeping?!  He said he felt like he’d been lying there for a good hour.  DQ told him it had been about 10 seconds.  When he got up he felt really nauseous again, so he ran to the bathroom.  Nothing happened and he figured he could probably help DQ if he went very s l o w l y.  He went and looked online how to help earache pain and gave her some ibuprofen and heated up the rice pillow I made for her for Valentine’s day to put on her ears.  Are you impressed?  I have to say, I was.  Anyway, the next day he went into the bathroom where there was a large amount of blood all over the toilet where he had leaned his arms when he felt nauseous after the fainting.  He went back to the kids’ room and there was blood all over the railing on DQ’s bed.  Apparently when he fainted he landed on TM’s Spiderman race track.  There were deep gashes in his arms and on his side that he DID NOT EVEN NOTICE.  This is something I would notice.  Him not so much.  So, he had to schedule a same day appointment at the pediatrician to get antibiotics and drops for DQ’s ears.  He didn’t tell the Dr. about the previous evening’s events.  Probably a good move.

I asked him when I got home if he wanted to be the stay-at-home parent.  He said a resounding “no” and that he has no idea how I do it all.  Well, then.  I say that alone was worth it.



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