Playing Poker

That’s what Pip says I’m doing with my kids’ school and my employer.  I don’t think it should come as a major shock that we are finding a different school for the kids next year, due to the fact that their current school sucks.  That said, I got a “memo” in TM’s backpack yesterday saying that I needed to tell the office whether or not he will be attending Kindegarten at their school (it is not our neighborhood school, so we opted in and therefore need to fill out registration papers this early).  I don’t like lying.  I really do not.  But this situation makes it almost impossible not to.  If I had walked into work/school today and said, “Yeeeaaahhh, actually neither of my kids (nor I) are ever coming back to this hell hole after the end of this school year.” then I (and possibly my kids, sadly) would have been treated even worse (if that’s possible) until the end of school in the month of WAY TOO FAR AWAY FROM NOW.  So, I gave them a completed form saying he would be attending.  Pip says it’s not lying, and that I’m just keeping my options open.  I’m playing poker and instead of raising or folding I’m holding.  Holding = Waiting and I lack patience.  Ugh!

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