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Since I can’t muster up the energy to actually think about something to blog about, I’ll just show you my kids.  I bought about 10 books at the Goodwill 1/2 price day and brought them home for TM and DQ.  They spent the rest of the day doing this:

DQ is really starting to enjoy reading, which makes me oh so happy.  She just finished her first real chapter book of 85 pages.  TM will sit and look at books with her, and the best part: she reads to him.  So cute. 


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Playing Poker

That’s what Pip says I’m doing with my kids’ school and my employer.  I don’t think it should come as a major shock that we are finding a different school for the kids next year, due to the fact that their current school sucks.  That said, I got a “memo” in TM’s backpack yesterday saying that I needed to tell the office whether or not he will be attending Kindegarten at their school (it is not our neighborhood school, so we opted in and therefore need to fill out registration papers this early).  I don’t like lying.  I really do not.  But this situation makes it almost impossible not to.  If I had walked into work/school today and said, “Yeeeaaahhh, actually neither of my kids (nor I) are ever coming back to this hell hole after the end of this school year.” then I (and possibly my kids, sadly) would have been treated even worse (if that’s possible) until the end of school in the month of WAY TOO FAR AWAY FROM NOW.  So, I gave them a completed form saying he would be attending.  Pip says it’s not lying, and that I’m just keeping my options open.  I’m playing poker and instead of raising or folding I’m holding.  Holding = Waiting and I lack patience.  Ugh!

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I’ve been tagged


The sweet Tracy at Twisted Blossom has given me an award for having an amazing blog.  I am so very flattered (blush).  Along with the award she has tagged me to write “7 weird things about me.”  This should be very interesting and I’m wondering how honest I should be…hmmm…here goes…

1) At fast food restaurants I do not eat the food that has fallen out of the item I’m eating onto the paper it came wrapped in.  The paper is gross and the food that touches it is gross.  This does not include the item I’m eating, even though the “gross” paper was surrounding it mere moments earlier.  For example: A taco.  I will eat the taco, but if a tomato (or anything else) falls out onto the paper? Nasty.

2) I do not like my face touched by other people.  Even my own children.  Other people’s hands carry germs and I do not want them on my face.

3) I am CONVINCED that if one smells another person’s gas, one’s own gas will then smell oddly similar.  This is very funny, as I do not have the most sensitive nose, so I’m not sure how I know this is true.  Didn’t really want to reveal this one for the entire world to see, but decided to be honest. 🙂  Pip thinks I’ve lost my marbles.

4) It really bothers me when people are dressed season inappropriate in winter.  Shorts and winter do not go together.  Especially in Colorado.  This is odd, because I’m from the Phoenix area where shorts and winter do go together. 

5) I very rarely (if ever) serve a monotone dinner.  I would never serve pasta with cream sauce, cauliflower and bread.  I just couldn’t do it.  There has to be a color in there somewhere.  I think I must get this from my mom.  Or maybe grandmother.  I think I remember her mentioning that my grandmother had the same issue.

6) I cry.  Probably a lot.  Over really dumb stuff.  I have cried while watching every single Winnie the Pooh movie.  I have to choke back tears when reading to my kids because the books are just so good.  I’ve just about lost it in museums when looking at paintings.  If I wouldn’t be a public nuisance and if I let myself, I would probably weep through an entire performance of Handel’s Messiah.  I am tearing up while typing this because I’m thinking about it.  It’s pathetic.

7) I hate running into people I know in places I would not normally run into them.  For instance, the grocery store.  If I see someone I know I try to duck into the next aisle without being seen.  It throws me off guard and I feel like I have nothing to say and am just tripping over words.  This can even be a good friend. 

I know.  I’m weird.  And I don’t know any other bloggers (other than Tracy) well enough to feel comfortable tagging them.  Sadly, I’m more of a lurker.  Thanks again Tracy.

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