I’m asking for advice…

Ok, friends.  If anyone actually reads this little blog of mine, I need opinions.  A whole bunch of stuff (that will probably all make it into my new series) and this talk that Amanda posted the other day, which makes me cry, has prompted us to be thinking about schooling and what to do.  I’m frustrated because it seems like there are only options for those who can afford private schools, and if you can’t then you’re stuck with public.  I know all about the home schooling option and it would not work for us.  I can’t help DQ with her homework without numerous eye-rolling and groaning and general hatred directed at me.  I think if we were forced into that on a daily basis, well, it would be really bad for our relationship, because one of us would probably kill the other one. 

I just would like to know how you have all dealt with school for your kids and different types of schools and just what you think.  Thanks.



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3 responses to “I’m asking for advice…

  1. Devan

    I wish I had some to give. We are in a similar situation here. I’m afraid that I wouldn’t cut it as a homeschooling mom. Our public schools here suck; elementary is decent, but middle and high are terrible. Private schools are outrageous. One bright spot for us is the magnet program, especially the ones here that are combined arts and academic. Those schools seem to have a good thing going, but may be hard to get into.

    Ugh. I have a headache now. Did I mention that my girls are 3.5 years and 16 months? I can’t believe I’m already having to stress about this. Let me know what you figure out.

  2. jen

    No clue from this area either. I just started thinking about it (since mine are still little too). I know I could never home school. And I can afford public. I guess you just have to pray hard for your kids. What are the issues at your school?

  3. I totaly understand your dilemma! We have done all three things here. My oldest went through the public school system. In retrospect it was a sorry education. My other peanut( not really a peanut anymore) went to public school K-3rd grade. I homeschooled him 4th through 8th grade and this is his first year of high school and he is going to an outstanding private school. By third grade we were ready to pull our hair out; the public system here was a nightmare. Homeschooling was a joy and worked out great for us. It was very, very sad to have Max gone this year. I realize homeschooling is not for everyone; Max had a perfect personality for it. I do not think there is any way it would have worked with Bradley. That said, we are thrilled with the school he is in now. Through the school hunt process we learned that all private schools are not created equal; you really need to do reasearch, visit each school and ask a lot of questions. Also, many schools have financial aid, scholarship money etc. It may be worth looking into. You are obviously a very dedicated mom(and dad) I am sure you will find the right answer.

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