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Dealing with it

Thanks for the responses.  It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one sometimes.  That said, for now we will be sticking with the school they’re in.  Compared with some of the other schools in the area, it really is a good school.  It’s far from the ideal, but it has a full time art and music program and those are rare these days.  The rest of the junk is stuff we’ll just have to get through.  I’ll keep you updated.

And on that note, Things that make me want to pull my kids out of public school #2:

TM has some mild speech issues.  They used to be major (stuttering) but that has gone away, and now he just has issues with “R” and “L”.  I was going to have him evaluated by the speech therapist at the school because it’s free, and that’s what our pediatrician suggested.  It’s a good thing I didn’t because here’s what I found out from another parent who had similar issues.  She went to talk to the therapist about her son and she tried to talk her out of it.  She told the mom that she has 8 schools that she works in and she’s lucky if she’s at our’s one day a week.  On that one day she can’t see all the kids she needs to.  But here’s the kicker.  Even if you have your child evaluated at the school (regardless of the outcome) the child is then labeled “Special Ed” for the REMAINDER OF THEIR SCHOOLING!  So yes, even if your kid turns out not to have a problem, they will still be treated as if they do.  And if they do have a speech issue that clears up, Oh Well, you still get that label.  I hate labels.  I really do.  I was absolutely stunned.  I think we’ll just work on the “R” and “L” issue at home thanks. 


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I’m asking for advice…

Ok, friends.  If anyone actually reads this little blog of mine, I need opinions.  A whole bunch of stuff (that will probably all make it into my new series) and this talk that Amanda posted the other day, which makes me cry, has prompted us to be thinking about schooling and what to do.  I’m frustrated because it seems like there are only options for those who can afford private schools, and if you can’t then you’re stuck with public.  I know all about the home schooling option and it would not work for us.  I can’t help DQ with her homework without numerous eye-rolling and groaning and general hatred directed at me.  I think if we were forced into that on a daily basis, well, it would be really bad for our relationship, because one of us would probably kill the other one. 

I just would like to know how you have all dealt with school for your kids and different types of schools and just what you think.  Thanks.


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Things that make me want to pull my kids out of school…

I’m starting a new series entitled “Things that make me want to pull my kids out of public school” just for funsies.  Today’s reason is:

I was on playground duty and had a question about a group of kids.  It went like this:

Me (to the P.E. teacher): “Are those kids supposed to be behind that tree digging in the dirt, because one of the other teachers mentioned that they shouldn’t be where I can’t see them?”

The P.E. teacher: “Yeah, they can be there.  They’re just going to be ditch diggers anyway, so it’s good practice for them.  Ha ha!”

Me: “Riiiight.  Ok, then.”


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The Halloween Post

Ahhhh…Halloween.  I remember as a kid loving Halloween so much that I would start thinking about the next year’s costume on November 1st.  Good Times.  I was reflecting on this while driving the kids to school and listening to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on the radio when the kids started fighting in the backseat.  I was looking back to tell them to can it, and didn’t notice that I had entered a school zone where a van we shall call “the devil” was parked.  The next thing I saw was a FLASH.  When I get the ticket in the mail along with my picture, I promise to post it for all to see.  Grrrrr.

Anyway, the kids had parties and a costume parade, and because TM has a huge problem with noise and crowds, I decided it would be best to stay with him and then check in on DQ after the parade.  TM was a major grump.  I tried taking his picture in his lobster costume, but he was having none of it.  He pulled his lobster eyes down so I couldn’t see his face.  It was going to be a fun afternoon.

I can’t really say I blamed him, as this was the snack at his party:

It’s kind of camoflauged, but there is a spider made out of crackers, cream cheese, pretzels and raisins.  Very cute, but not very appetizing when there is a perfectly good Tootsie Pop sitting right there in front of you.  THAT YOU AREN’T ALLOWED TO EAT!  The school has a Health and Wellness policy that bans all sugar from classroom activity, and although this sounds great in theory, try enforcing that on Halloween (a.k.a. Sugar Coma Day) in a classroom full of 4-year old’s.  They were only allowed to wrap it in tissue paper and make a ghost out of it.  Woo. 

I managed to get a picture of him before school, and one of his back during the parade. 

And DQ, sweet little DQ.  I can’t believe I actually typed that, but she was.  She was all smiles and joy during her party and parade.  She loved her healthy snacks, and gobbled them up with a smile on her face.  She fit her costume perfectly on this day.  Hmmmmm… you think it would be innappropriate to dress her as an angel every day.  Because after today, it seems perfectly logical to me.  A simple case of Cause and Effect people.

And yes, I made the costume (not the wings and halo) and I have to say it was the HUGEST stroke of luck ever.  I did not use a pattern.  I went and bought some clearance bin fabric and laid it out on the bed, put one of her dresses on top, traced around it, cut it out and sewed it together.  I almost passed out when it actually fit.  It was a Halloween miracle (if that isn’t sacrilegious).

By trick or treating time everyone was in a good mood and excited about the impending overdose of all things chocolate.  The kids were excited too. 

And yes, my kids used grocery bags to collect their candy.  I couldn’t find the plastic pumpkins they used last year.  Lost in the move I think.  Pip complained that they were too big, to which I countered, “No such thing my dear.  No such thing”.  The kids agreed with me. 

I read awhile back that when polled only 40% of parents said they stole some of their kids’ Halloween candy.  I say the other 60% are dirty rotten liars.  It makes me feel better about myself.


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