Fall at our house

I actually wanted to post this last weekend, but I was having problems uploading pictures.  Last Saturday we hit 80 degrees in Denver.  The next day we woke up to this…

I have lived here 7 years now and I never get used to the weather.  We have to keep all our clothes out all year, because we never know.  We’ve seen 40’s in July and a week of 70’s in January.  As a sidenote, this snow was gone by noon the next day, and we set 80 degree records again this week.  Go figure.

And just because it’s so much fun…leaves.  The kids walk through giant piles of leaves when we walk to school, and I want to tell them to quit because they’re getting their shoes all dirty before school, but if I’m honest what I really want to do is join them.  There’s not much more satisfying a sound as the crunching of leaves under your feet.  Good Stuff.  Pip obliged them this pure joy today when he raked the backyard. 


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One response to “Fall at our house

  1. Denise

    I LOVE crunching leaves! I say you’re never too old to do it (just look at me), so just join ’em!


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