Elsie, Interrupted

You know, I’m just going to get to the point and say that we returned Elsie to the Greyhound Rescue place.  Here’s why…

Our house is a raised ranch, meaning there are stairs to get into the house from the front, stairs to get out to the backyard and stairs to get to the basement that houses our bedrooms.  Elsie was absolutely terrified of our house.  The stairs leading to the front door were never a problem for her, but the rest all were.  Pip had to carry her (70 lbs.) down our basement stairs every night, because if we left her upstairs she would whine and bark and howl, and if no one came to get her, she would start destroying stuff…BIG stuff…like my dining room chairs and the kids little table and chairs and once Pip caught her going for the cabinets (as in Kitchen).  She destroyed my favorite pair of black shoes in the 20 minutes it took me to drop DQ off at school (she figured out how to open the coat closet), and ingested a few crayons, pencils and various other things around the house.  It got so bad that I had to remove all the cushions off the couch and lock them in the office if we left.  To solve the destruction problem we took out the kennel and she was so terrified of IT that she ate her dinner and walked into the living room whereupon she threw up her entire dinner in front of the kennel.  That happened twice.

In addition, she got so scared of the back steps that when I came home from work (EVERY DAY) I had to chase her around the house with the leash so that I could get her out side to go to the bathroom.  No matter, because she would pee the whole time I was trying to get ahold of her, therefore leaving a trail of pee all through the house before she even got out the door. 

All this and she only bonded to Pip.  She could not have cared less about the kids, and I’m not even going to get started on me.  At the beginning, this was all funny like “Oh Ha Ha Ha, look how Pip has to carry that huge dog!”  and “Hee hee.  I guess she’ll eventually like us.” but then it all got very unfunny and I got to the point where I simply could not take it anymore, and said “I’m Done.”  People keep saying this was a freak situation and that not all dogs are like that, but right now I’m not buying it.  It will be a long time before you read about anymore dogs on this blog.



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3 responses to “Elsie, Interrupted

  1. Barbara

    You’d better get a nice little kitten.

  2. Devan

    I agree. Cats are so cuddly and low maintenance. Get a (litter box trained) kitten that can grow up with your kids. We got Leo when he was eight weeks and he has been the perfect pet. I don’t even have to change a litter box anymore because he prefers going outside! Love it!

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