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I haven’t written lately because I have re-entered the workforce, and am trying to figure out scheduling in relation to this major life change.  I am now a teacher’s aide at DQ and TM’s school.  Well, the term the district uses is “Paraprofessional”.  I have to admit that, at first, I wasn’t crazy about the title…I mean para; It’s like I’m not quite professional, part professional, just shy of wholly professional, but now I’m realizing it kind of suits me, as I have no aspiration to be wholly professional.  I prefer my part professional, part crazy title.  It’s working for me.  I like being close to the kids, and the worst part of the day is having the teachers in TM’s class peel him off of me  while he screams “I WANT MY MOMMY!” several times repeated for emphasis.  It is rather hard, and I have to admit I stand outside of his classroom with my ear to the wall to see if he will stop soon (he does), but at the same time it makes me second guess my decision.  I know he will be fine, and will eventually look forward to school, but for now…it’s rough. 


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