Today is monumental for us, and for Pip I think it ranks right up there with the day we were married and the birth of his children, possibly even the day that the Beatles released their first album. 

Here is Elsie: Our new greyhound. 

Pip tried to “wash the devil out of her” at the local self-serve dog washing place (that’s their slogan), but obviously that failed.

She is very cute, and just think of all the new stories this will inspire. 

Now if only she could stop dripping slobber and water all over my floor…this could take some getting used to.


Filed under Angst, Fun with Pip

3 responses to “Elsie

  1. soupie

    Fun, fun, fun! Congratulations! I like the top picture. That is one serious tongue. Enjoy … I’m sure she’ll have a very happy doggie life with you and be well loved.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How wonderful for you and your family. How very, very wonderful for Elsie, she now has a great family to love her! Fantastic!!

  3. jen

    You guys are truly the “all-american” family now! AWwwwww! Where’d the name Elsie come from?

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