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Today is monumental for us, and for Pip I think it ranks right up there with the day we were married and the birth of his children, possibly even the day that the Beatles released their first album. 

Here is Elsie: Our new greyhound. 

Pip tried to “wash the devil out of her” at the local self-serve dog washing place (that’s their slogan), but obviously that failed.

She is very cute, and just think of all the new stories this will inspire. 

Now if only she could stop dripping slobber and water all over my floor…this could take some getting used to.



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Simple Shades for the Living Room

I realized I forgot to post pictures of these.  I actually did these a while ago to replace the very glamorous cotton blanket hanging in these windows.  Pip is very happy to have this replacement.  I also made a matching one for the front window, but due to mis-measuring, the wine colored strip is on the side, rather than the top.  Hee hee.

The Pattern is from Two Straight Lines Simple Blinds TutorialI became extremely irate with the whole thing when trying to turn the impossibly thin tabs, so substituted ribbon instead.  Also, I didn’t top-stitch, which I probably should have done, but since I am so highly impatient when finishing projects…well, let’s just be happy they’re done.  All in all, it is a very easy project, as I have very little sewing experience.


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Millions of Peaches…

peaches for me.  Millions of peaches.  Peaches for (well, not exactly) free.

We went to visit my parents this past weekend for Labor Day.  They just so happen to live in Peach Country, Colorado.  Oooh how we love peaches!  We purchased 20 lbs. for the expressed purpose of making this…

It looks much prettier without the glaze, so I’m giving you this picture instead of the finished product.  I’m going to have to say sorry Georgia, but you do not have the best peaches.  Colorado peaches are the absolute best in the whole universe! 

On our way home Monday, we saw this…

It spanned the entire sky, but my camera doesn’t have that wide of an angle.  So very beautiful.

And as long as we’re on a color theme, here’s a pic of a finished cushion cover for the daybed in our Office/Guestroom.

I still have to do another one just like it, so we’ll see how THAT goes.  It’s coming together. 🙂

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