Okay. The conclusion of Day Three.

So we are on our way to Abbotsford, and I have to say, it is one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever done.  I swear that every house looked like it came straight out of a fairy-tale.  And the scenery!  I’ve never seen so much green.  The pictures I have were taken out of my window as we drove by, so not great, but you get the idea…

So, we get to the Canada border (here’s where it gets good).  As we drive up through the beautiful countryside, I’m creating all kinds of lovely delusions of getting to the border and the Canada border people are all going to come and greet us and welcome us into their country with maybe a rousing rendition of “Oh Canada!”, and we’ll all smile and say “Thank you!  We’ll be sure to come back and spend our tourist money here again!”.  Even as we sat in the not too terribly long line, I kept this thought process going, even though I could plainly see that no one was getting serenaded in front of us.  We get to the border agent and here is the interaction:

Female Border Agent: “Passports.”

Pip:  “Here you go.  (big smile)”

Border Agent:  (with extreme amounts of venom) “Why are you here?”

Pip:  (somewhat confused)  “We’re here for her Nephew’s wedding. (Points to me)”

Border Agent:  (spitting out words like they are poison)  “Where are you going?”

Pip:  (pointing and now fumbling over words)  “We’re uh…just up…um…Abbotsford.” Which is a foot from where our car is currently parked.

Border Agent:  (Sprouting little horn buds on her forehead)  “How long are you staying?”

Pip:  (getting the feeling that one minute may be too long)  “Um…uh…till Saturday…no…not…Sunday…sorry…Sunday.”

Border Agent:  (now showing a forked tongue)  “Did you bring a gift?”

Pip:  (whose palms are starting to sweat)  “Um, yes we brought a giftcard.”

Border Agent:  (barking now)  “Is that all!?”

Pip:  (now giving second thought to our choice of gift, and trying to keep my jaw off the floor from absolute shock and horror that this was not turning out at all how I had envisioned.)  “Yes?” (really more of a question)

Border Agent:  (handing back our passports with hands that have somehow grown freakishly long sharp nails)  “Here!”

That’s it.  No “Welcome to Canada.  Enjoy your stay.”  No stamp on the passport to show everyone.  No, not even a serenade.  It took the rest of the afternoon to stop our uncontrollable trembling.

We arrived at our hotel about 2 minutes later, and I feel the need to mention this here.  I have never stayed in a hotel, much less a Super 8, where the staff treated the guests so great.  I highly recommend staying there if you ever go to Abbotsford, B.C..  Maybe the manager of that Super 8 should go down the street to the border station, and show the devil woman how it’s done.

Shortly after we arrived, and I re-did my hair with the blow dryer I could not use that morning, we went to the wedding rehearsal.  DQ did a fantastic job of learning what she was supposed to do as a flowergirl, with plenty of instruction from James (the man I hope DQ finds an exact replica of someday).

Later that evening we went to the rehearsal dinner.  This was the best dinner I’ve ever had…ever.  I have lots of pics of this one so bear with me here…Seriously the best fun I’ve had in a long time.  The restaurant was Quazines.

The meal came in courses.  This is the appetizer.  It is a prawn wrapped in prosciutto and then sprinkled with whatever is the yummiest thing you can think of.

Next there was a salad, that I was so taken with, I completely forgot to get a photo.  It was a piece of seared Ahi Tuna with beet something and the voices of a thousand angels resounded from within it.

Then there was the main course, a (some kind of nut) crusted Halibut, with veggies.  Also fantastic.

And last was Creme Brulee looking oh so delicious.

We got back to the hotel and went to bed around Midnight.  We were wiped.  But it was a good wiped.  This day ended MUCH better than the previous.

I’m starting day four now, but will not post until tomorrow, and since it will be mostly done, I’m actually serious about that.


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