What I did on my Summer Vacation…Day One

So, our Summer vacation is already over and Summer has only just begun.  I find that a little depressing, because my vacation was nowhere near long enough.  So here are the highlights…

We left town Tuesday morning after a much needed stop at Starbucks.  I felt the need to take a picture of Pip and his drink, because though you can’t really see it in the picture, Pip needs to be institutionalized.  He must have his coffee sleeve lined up so that the Starbucks logo on the cup lines up with the logo on the sleeve, and THEN the hole in the lid has to be perfectly lined up with the center of the logos on the sleeve and cup.  This MUST happen before he will take a drink, regardless of if he’s holding up the drive through line, or running red lights.  So this is how our trip began…

We stopped for lunch in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  I had packed a cooler full of stuff to make lunch, so we searched the town for a picnic table and found one…covered in graffiti…in a McDonald’s parking lot.  Pip got DQ to flash gang signs while sitting at the table eating her lunch, even though we were nowhere near the “Westside”.  While eating our lunch a “woman” walked by on her cell phone, two kids about 3 and 6 trailing behind her.  She said this into her phone, “Yeah, my boyfriend left me with the kids.  He’s such an ass!  I just spent the last 3 days in jail…yeah, for driving with a suspended lisence.”  Needless to say, we didn’t stick around to sightsee.

The day ended in Burley, Idaho after a dinner at a small cafe in a town called Snowville.  Let’s just say the diner was not going to be getting any accolades from Zagat’s.  And as a welcome to all who have ever hailed any part of California as their home, they had this lovely little book with a lovely little chapter on “Why we hate Californians” sitting on the table as reading material while waiting for your mediocre food.  Some of the most loving and accepting words in print ever.  I felt warm and fuzzy all over as Pip (who was born and raised in CA) sat their reading with his jaw hitting the floor.  Maybe that’s due to his sense of entitlement (in the book) or his disdain of all people outside of CA (also in the book) or his haughty know it all attitude (again…in the book).  A beautiful close to a (in all honesty) really fun day.  I have to say, I don’t think we’ve laughed that much in one day in a long time.  I love vacation.


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