Not Allowed

I just found out at kindergarten pick-up today that wind-chimes are not allowed in this stepford lovely city that I live in.  I’ve blogged about my experiences in this most fake beautiful place before.  Anyway, I was informed by a former resident of this suburban town that wind-chimes were listed among other such lovely things like pink flamingos, garden gnomes and fake flowers, as “not allowed”.  I had a little chuckle at this because I have lived here for 5 years and this has been the view from the sidewalk out in front.

So I say HA! to the wonderful people of the governing board.  I got away with it FOR 5 YEARS!  Suckers!  Perhaps I should leave them as a welcome present for the new residents.


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One response to “Not Allowed

  1. jen

    Now I can understand no pink flamingos, gnomes, fake flowers, etc. But no WIND CHIMES?!?!? Can you say “power trip”?

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