Now we can paint!


Well, here it is.  The reason I haven’t posted anew for awhile is…we bought a house!  A real live house!  I don’t really know if it has sunk in completely.  I don’t think it will until we close and the keys are in my hand.  Right now it’s all about the preparation for moving.  I have completely deluded myself into thinking I have kept up with sorting through stuff every year and taking it to Goodwill.  We have already taken two loads of stuff and there are a GOOD three loads left to take.  I am ashamed.  I would go into the garage and take a picture of the pile, but we haven’t even gone through the stuff in the basement yet.  I’ll wait until the final mountain of stuff is ready to load and then I will embarrass myself with a picture for you all.  And don’t even get me started on the trash…the trash guy will be cursing us for months I’m afraid.

I am knitting right now, but 8 rows is really not all that exciting of a picture.  I’m thinking I might abandon that project anyway for this and maybe this for a soon to be arriving baby (in a certain southern state).  But all of it will be waiting a couple of weeks while I try to maintain the illusion that I have it all together. 


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2 responses to “Now we can paint!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! A new house, how exciting!! Doesn’t it just stink that while you are riding on such a high you have to deal with things like clearing out and packing? If it’s any consolation, Goodwill will love you and you will soon be at a new address so the garbage men won’t be able to find you. Best of luck!!

  2. jen

    Do you have a porch swing?! I’m jealous… Just think how fresh your new house will be when youre all moved in MINUS the junk you’ve gotten rid of! And oooohhh what a lucky baby!

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