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Not Allowed

I just found out at kindergarten pick-up today that wind-chimes are not allowed in this stepford lovely city that I live in.  I’ve blogged about my experiences in this most fake beautiful place before.  Anyway, I was informed by a former resident of this suburban town that wind-chimes were listed among other such lovely things like pink flamingos, garden gnomes and fake flowers, as “not allowed”.  I had a little chuckle at this because I have lived here for 5 years and this has been the view from the sidewalk out in front.

So I say HA! to the wonderful people of the governing board.  I got away with it FOR 5 YEARS!  Suckers!  Perhaps I should leave them as a welcome present for the new residents.


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Victoria’s not keeping anything a secret

Pip told me I really should relate this story…

I was in the mall a couple of weeks ago with the kids and a friend of mine and we made a quick stop in Victoria’s Secret.  I was looking at something and turned around and TM had his cute little preschool untarnished hand on the bare hind end of a mannequin wearing a g-string and a bra.  When he noticed that I was looking at him, he said “Look Mommy, Booty”, and proceeds to pat it with a devilish grin on his face.  Yep, there it is.  In all it’s size zero, no cellulite, non-human glory.  It starts early, no?

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A Child of the 21st Century

We’re driving home today and DQ says, “What are we going to do this afternoon?”

Pip says, “We’ll be packing and doing stuff to the house.”

DQ: “Grrrrrrr!  Can’t we just get a machine to do the packing!?!”

Pip: “They don’t have machines that pack for you.”

DQ: “Well then can’t you BUILD ONE!?!”


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Now we can paint!


Well, here it is.  The reason I haven’t posted anew for awhile is…we bought a house!  A real live house!  I don’t really know if it has sunk in completely.  I don’t think it will until we close and the keys are in my hand.  Right now it’s all about the preparation for moving.  I have completely deluded myself into thinking I have kept up with sorting through stuff every year and taking it to Goodwill.  We have already taken two loads of stuff and there are a GOOD three loads left to take.  I am ashamed.  I would go into the garage and take a picture of the pile, but we haven’t even gone through the stuff in the basement yet.  I’ll wait until the final mountain of stuff is ready to load and then I will embarrass myself with a picture for you all.  And don’t even get me started on the trash…the trash guy will be cursing us for months I’m afraid.

I am knitting right now, but 8 rows is really not all that exciting of a picture.  I’m thinking I might abandon that project anyway for this and maybe this for a soon to be arriving baby (in a certain southern state).  But all of it will be waiting a couple of weeks while I try to maintain the illusion that I have it all together. 


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