Pretty Pink Toes

Pretty pink toes

Originally uploaded by spuncrack.

You might be thinking, “Nice picture of your pedicure.”, but see that’s where you would be wrong. These would be the husband’s feet. The kids decided to give him a makeover, and this is the only part of it that he would let me photograph. I really wish my attempts to sneak a picture of the whole ensemble would have been successful. It was very…pretty. And with that I think I have figured out a name for him. Henceforth the husband shall be known as Pretty in Pink (or Pip for short) LOL! I crack myself up! We really aught not to be left unattended on a Saturday night.


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One response to “Pretty Pink Toes

  1. jen

    Wow, pip (I almost put in pop) has pretty nice feet. You would definitely know if I took a picture of Chad’s feet! They’re pretty terrible.

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