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Heard at the dinner table (part deux)

Me to Pip: “How come you’re so cute?”

Pip: “I don’t know.  Maybe I was born with it…maybe it’s Manbelline.”

Me: “Manbelline?”

That’s when I came upstairs to type this, to his his chorus of “Nooooooooo!”


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FO’s (Finished Objects)

I’m all about finishing projects over here.  I knitted some sushi for our dear friends who got me to eat (and love) sushi.  They are moving out of state and I wanted to give them a permanent memory.  The pattern is from Magknits.

Also, I finished a pillow I’ve been working on for forever.  I want to change the colors of my bedroom from Purple/Lavender to Light Green/Light Blue and this is my first project in that direction.  The yarn is Crystal Palace cotton of some kind that I found at the thrift store and the fabric is from a shower curtain (Shabby Chic line from Target) that I again found at a thrift store.  The stitch pattern is a basketweave.  I did get a questionable look from Pip about the floral fabric.  Don’t worry dear.  I won’t girlify the bedroom too much. 


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Heard at the Dinner Table

DQ: “Daddy, TM bitched it down the stairs today.”

TM: (mouth full of food) “Bitch?”

Me: (Between trying not to let food shoot out my nose from stifling laughter) “Um guys, the word is pitched.  TM PITCHED it down the stairs today.”

Pip: “Is this going on your blog?”

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Kindergarten School Musical


DQ turned 6 last week, though it seemed like 16.  After a visit with her most admired cousin (we’ll call her Princess) DQ was begging to see High School Musical.  We put it on hold at the library and it came available the week of her birthday.  She knew every song after one viewing and started “wishing” audibly that she had the movie and the soundtrack.  We caved and she got exactly that for her birthday.  I have to say though, she almost didn’t get her wish.  The day before her birthday I went to pick her up from school.  The conversation went like this:

Me: “So how was your day?”

DQ: “Good.  Everyone knows I’m in love with B (name withheld).  Just like High School Musical.”

Me: “Um, Uh, you know you’re not really in love with him right?” RIGHT!?!?!?!?!?!

DQ: “Yeah, I just have a crush on him.”

She’s 6!!!  Where did she get all this dating lingo? AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!  I instantly thought, there is no way this child is getting this movie for her birthday.  In fact, I may return it to the library and insist they put a parental warning label on it for inappropriate content.  The thing is, it’s a really cute movie and there is no inappropriate content whatsoever.  I told Pip the whole story later that evening when we went shopping for her present, and he convinced me that the movie was not the problem (I mean, I watched and loved Grease at her age and you want to talk inappropriate content!).  He reminded me that I remember the names of every single one of my crushes from kindergarten on and I didn’t turn into a teenage prostitute.  But that was me and she’s 6…and my daughter!  I always thought Pip would have the big problems when she started dating, with all his talk of buying a gun and not being afraid to use it.  Now that I’m faced with it, Pip seems to be the level-headed one.  Go figure. 

She (DQ) told me today on the way to school that there are a couple of boys in her class that play “a weird game” on the playground involving spinning a water bottle and chasing the girl it points at to try and kiss her.  I thought I had a few more years before Spin the Bottle stories.  I feel like taking the batteries out of all the clocks in a desperate attempt to stop time.  I guess I should be happy that she tells me about this stuff.  I remember being about 9 or so and a boy at church had said that he wanted to sleep with me.  I was so horrified that I went catatonic and just cried.  It took my Mom hours to get me to explain what happened.  I wonder if she remembers that?  It makes me laugh now, but I might have to kill a kid if he ever says that to DQ when she’s 9, because I’ll be hiding in the bushes following her around in camo paint, carrying a gun.


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That poncho down there a couple of posts?  Yeah, she’s already ripped a hole in the front.  Good thing I’m not a perfectionist or it would go straight in the trash.  And I thought wearing it to church would be safe.

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First Sewing Project

I have completed my first sewn object!  With a lot of help from my mom, I made this purse last week and pretty much love it.  Though the pattern was “for Dummies”, I was assured that it was very poorly written and a lot more difficult than it had to be.  At any rate, it’s done. 🙂  I added the felt flower and button.  Without further ado:

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Love Notes?

I got this precious little love note from DQ the other day…

 Translation: I love you mommy.

And then later that evening, Pip was kissing TM goodnight and noticed a note from DQ taped to the wall above TM’s bed where he keeps all his special pictures and things.

Translation: Dear ____ (I blurred his name out), Why do you be so mean all the time.

Poor thing, he thought she had written him a love note.  We laughed at our son’s blind trust.  Yep, parents of the year.

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