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I’m Not Winning any Popularity Contests

…at least not in White Suburban Hell.  It should be no surprise that Denver has received a TON of snow this winter, so that is the backdrop for this next heartwarming story. 

Yesterday when I went to pick up DQ from kindergarten, I crossed the (neighborhood) street…oh the horror…without a crosswalk, during which this interaction took place: 

School Crossing Guard of the day: “Ma’am, you need to cross the street at the crosswalk down the street.”

Me: “I would love to do that for you but due to the 20 or so feet of sheer ice on the sidewalk leading to the crosswalk, I’m crossing here.  Thanks.”

School Crossing Guard of the day: “Ma’am, there’s ice everywhere.”

Me: “Not in the street there’s not.”

At which point I walked away so as not to get involved in an altercation that may or may not involve the authorities.  I was mad.  Really mad.  (Rant Alert) I mean come on, I realize I’m one of about, oh, one that actually walks my kid to school, but you can’t expect people to follow your policies, if all paths leading to your policies are not safe and in the best interests of the people.  POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!  Anyway, after raging about it all night to the one to whom I am married, I got over it and went to bed.  Fast forward to today when, as I am walking out the door to walk DQ to school, I think “you know, if no one else is going to do anything about it, I am”.  I grabbed the shovel and hauled it to the school with me.  I’m standing outside the kindergarten rooms with all the other moms holding my shovel and getting these looks of, “please tell me she is not holding a shovel.  I mean really, doesn’t she just hire those illegals to do that”.  There were two that did make mention of the shovel being there, but for the most part it was like the elephant in the room. 

After DQ was safe inside the school, TM and I proceeded to the icy sidewalk to try to break up and shovel away the ice.  We succeeded for several feet until it got too thick for the plastic shovel to do any more.  To continue I would need some ice melt, and who better to provide it than the school.  So I marched TM, my shovel and myself over to the school office where this interaction took place:

School Secretary: “Hi! What can I do for you?”

Me: “Hi! (All smiles. Really) I’m working on clearing the 20 or so feet of ice leading to the crosswalk, and I’ve gotten to some ice that is too thick for me to break up.  Do you by any chance have some ice melt I could use?”

School Secretary: (smile fading…fading) “Uhhhh…Ummm…what crosswalk?” (wrong question)

Me: (still smiling, though probably fake now)”The one the students and people picking them up are required to use.  I was told yesterday that I had to use it and I’m pretty much not going to do that until the ice leading to it is gone, so I decided to do something about it, but the ice is too thick and I need some ice melt.”

School Secretary: “Ummm…Uhhhh…I can ask our facilities guy?”

Me: (face muscles now feeling like the most used muscle in my body as I try to keep the smile on my face) “Ok.”

After some discussion between them…

School Facilities Guy: “Ummmm…Uhhhh…I have some…pause…Umm…I’m really busy but I guess I could bring some out.”

Me: (o.k., really, face muscles quickly turning to lead) “That would be great, but you said you were busy and I don’t want to take you away from your work, so if you want I can just take the bag out there and spread it for you.”

School Facilities Guy: “No, it’s ok, I have a spreader.  I’ll just bring it out.”

Me: (hold it. hold it.) “Thanks you so much.  That’s really great of you.”

Exiting the school…Whew!

So then I’m outside again and see School Facilities Guy come out with his spreader.  I show him where the problem area is and he very thourougly covers it with ice melt.  Very sweet.  While he’s spreading the ice melt so efficiently, a car full of teachers coming back from lunch turns the corner and snickers and laughs at him.  I have a choice word for this group of individuals, but I’ll keep that to myself.  I thanked him kindly and we parted ways.

At this very moment they are probably marking all DQ’s files with a big red P for PROBLEM MOTHER.  Ahhh, just another day in paradise.



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What the children shall be called

DQ and TM

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My husband (haven’t thought of a name for him yet) says I need to give the kids pseudonyms to protect their identity. Henceforth the one that is female will be DQ for Drama Queen (for reasons that will be obvious for those that know her), and the one that is male will be Tummy Man or TM (his favorite made up superhero). If you happen to know me and decide to comment on my blog please use the kids’ pseudonyms and not their real names. Thanks!


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Handsome Hound

Handsome Hound

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I figured I should add some knitting content. I Just finished Handsome Hound this afternoon for a special someone who is turning one. The pattern is Handsome Hound from the book Handknits for Kids by Lucinda Guy. He’ll be on his journey tomorrow.


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I’ll figure it out eventually


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And because I need to figure out how to post more than one photo in a single entry, without further ado, I present Tummy Man.

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The Thing


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Just thought I’d share a photo of Tummy Man being the Thing. Though the two are almost exactly the same, Tummy Man looks more like the naked guy on a totem pole, as TM himself exclaimed to us while passing a totem pole at The Denver Art Museum. Now you know. The one most notable difference is that The Thing probably uses the toilet, but Tummy Man cannot be bothered with such civilities.

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A Thousand of times

I’ve not been putting a “first” post in here because I wasn’t quite sure how to begin.  I didn’t know if I should put a background of me or a wrap up of what this blog will be, but that’s just not me, so I’m just jumping in.  If you don’t know me, you’ll have to figure me out as you go…like everyone else.

 After I put the kids to bed last night, my daughter, after hacking for a few minutes, called for me.  She’s had a nasty cough for a couple of days, and as usual it gets worse at night.  I go into her room and she’s sitting on her bed crying.  I asked her what was wrong and she looks at me and says, “Mommy, I prayed a thousand of times that my cough would go away and it’s not working.”  Ugh.  See this is the part of parenting that sucks.  How do you explain to your 5 year old the “Problem of Pain”?  I told her that sometimes when we get sick the sick just has to go away by itself (because we live in fallen world…blah blah blah).  In her mind though, I know she’s thinking, “Everyone tells me He loves me and if that’s true then why would He want me to be in pain.  I’ll just ask Him to fix it, but it’s not working, so what does that mean?”.  I just don’t know the answers for her sometimes and it sometimes is just crushing that I can’t MAKE God deliver so she can see that He does care (even if I question that myself).  She’s 5.  She believes that fairies live in our garden and take her teeth and that Santa leaves her stocking full of gifts.  And every time she believes it will happen, it does, because we control the situation.  But even though I sometimes want to, o.k. honestly all the time, I can’t control God. 

After, she asked me to pray for her again and the thing is she still believes, like I want to, that He will make everything all right.


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